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Allie Albanese


Allie Albanese is a featured contributor to Parade Magazine with a column focused on wine and making wine accessible to the everyday consumer. Her goal is to introduce her readers to different wine regions, varietals and wine styles found across the globe, and to educate them in a way that takes the intimidation factor out of the equation.

Allie is a Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers and was named the Walter Clore Certified Sommelier Exam Scholar for being the top scorer in the state of New York. Allie is also a graduate of the International Culinary Center’s Intensive Sommelier Program, where she finished at the top of her class, and the founder of Parched Around the World, a website and communications company with food, wine, cocktails, and travel at its heart.
Allie is currently based in Atlanta, and when not working can be found eating, drinking, and photographing her adventures around the world.

Questions, comments or story ideas? Please email Allie at

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Allie Albanese

An orange-colored cocktail displayed in a rocks, garnished with basil and a peach slice


August 3, 2022
Peach Bourbon Basil Smash

What’s better than an icy cold Smash drink on a hot summer day? A Whiskey Smash cocktail that combines peach and basil for a refreshing Smash cocktail recipe you’ll be reaching for all season long!

Frozen pina colada displayed in a hurricane glass, garnished with a cherry and pineapple fronds


July 25, 2022
Frozen Piña Colada

What’s in a Piña Colada and what ingredients do you need to make one? This Piña Colada recipe will not only teach you how to make a Piña Colada, but will give you the scoop on the Piña Colada’s origin and a tried and true method for making the perfect Piña Colada at home!

A peach-colored cocktail displayed in a pale pink vintage glass, garnished with a peach slice


July 20, 2022

What’s the story behind the famous peach Bellini cocktail? Get the scoop on this Italian classic along with a Bellini recipe that will have you popping Prosecco all summer long!

Dramatic clouds over the Atlantic Ocean with bits of blue sky poking through


July 15, 2022
How to Take Care of the World and People

Some wise words from an 8-year-old that we all could learn a lesson from.

A white-colored cocktail displayed in a glass filled with ice, garnished with mint and a lime twist


July 12, 2022
Coconut Lime Mojito

What tastes better than mint, coconut and lime? Mint, lime and coconut in a yummy Coconut Mojito! This Coconut Rum Mojito recipe whips up quickly and goes down easily.

A bright pink cocktail displayed in a rocks glass, garnished with mint and blueberries


July 2, 2022
Watermelon Blueberry Margarita

Spice up your 4th of July BBQs with this patriotic red, white and blue cocktail! This Watermelon Margarita is a perfect July 4th recipe and one that will keep you cool and refreshed all summer long.

A coral colored cocktail displayed in a vintage coupe glass, garnished with a pineapple frond


June 22, 2022
Coconut Guavatini

Coconut water + guava nectar + Rum = guava cocktail perfection in this Coconut Guava Martini that will have you feeling all the island feels!

Section of a wall built using tabby cement that shows the outline of oyster shells


June 20, 2022
What is Tabby Cement?

A brief look at how you make tabby concrete, what tabby is used for in construction, and the history of how tabby found its way to America.

A yellow cocktail displayed in a blue wine glass, garnished with a lemon twist


June 13, 2022
French Lillet Spritz

Take your Lillet Spritz to the next level with this French 75-inspired Lillet cocktail! Lillet Blanc is the star of this easy drinking, refreshing summer sipper that will cool you off and keep you hydrated all season long.

The sun setting over the ocean set against a fiery orange sky


June 5, 2022
Are You Ready to be Found?

Whether you’re hiding behind fear, self-doubt, worry or something more, let these words from Zanna Keithley serve as encouragement to step out from behind the shadows so that what you want can find its way to you.

A red-colored cocktail displayed in a rocks glass filled with ice, garnished with a whole strawberry


June 1, 2022
Strawberry Ginger Cooler

Everything’s better with berries! And strawberry season is the perfect time to add some extra fruitiness to your tipples. Great for summer BBQs and outdoor entertaining, this Strawberry Ginger Cooler is one cocktail you’ll be sipping all season long!

A fuchsia cocktail displayed in a rocks glass, garnished with blueberries and basil


May 27, 2022
Blueberry Basil Spritz

Elevate your basic Vodka Soda with this Blueberry Basil Spritz recipe that’s bright, refreshing and as tasty to drink as it is pretty to look at!

Grey storm clouds hovering above the Atlantic Ocean with a lone palm tree in the distance


May 25, 2022
"I've Had Enough."

As the United States mourns the loss of 21 innocent lives in Uvalde, Texas, Golden State Warriors’ NBA Coach Steve Kerr expresses the heartbreak and outrage felt by Americans countrywide.

Coral colored cocktail displayed in a vintage coupe glass, garnished with a yellow flower and sitting on a white fence rail with a palm tree and tropical plants in the background


May 19, 2022
Tango Cocktail

Hot days call for cold drinks! This 3-ingredient Tango Cocktail recipe combines Gin, passion fruit and grapefruit for a cool, tropical sip poured quickly into your glass.

A strand of Spanish moss hanging from a 200-year-old live oak tree, illuminated by the golden hour light


May 15, 2022
A Glimpse at St. Simons Island's Spectacular Avenue of the Oaks

The Avenue of the Oaks on Georgia’s St. Simons Island is a living reminder of the past and one of the most beautiful places on the island to view its magnificent, decades-old live oak trees.

Top down view of a red cocktail in a glass filled with ice and garnished with a sprig of basil, sitting on a round white saucer on top of a round straw placemat


May 12, 2022
Strawberry Basil Margarita

Fresh strawberries and basil come together in this refreshing Strawberry Basil Margarita recipe that will have you making it on repeat!

A pastel sunrise sky above the Atlantic Ocean


May 10, 2022
You Are So Much More!

Some empowering words from author Cyndie Spiegel to remind you just how amazing you really are!

A yellow Gin cocktail displayed in a vintage coupe glass with a small red rose at the base of the glass and a vase of colorful flowers in the background


May 9, 2022
Royal Hawaiian

Transport yourself to the islands with this tropical Royal Hawaiian cocktail recipe that’s super easy to make and packs a big beachy punch!

Seagrass growing on top of a small sand dune, with a pale pink morning sky above it


May 4, 2022
The Beauty (and the Beast) of Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries is a skill that’s tough for some and comes naturally for others, but the rewards reaped from doing so are universal.

Two bright pinkish-purple Blueberry Mojitos displayed in Collins glasses filled with ice, garnished cocktail picks filled with blueberries, a metal straw and a fresh mint sprig, sitting on a small rectangular wooden tray on top of a blue and white linen


May 2, 2022
Big City Blueberry Mojito

Cherished Big Apple memories add a special touch to this refreshing Blueberry Mojito recipe that you’re bound to make over and over again during the summer months ahead!

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean on East Beach in St. Simons Island, Georgia with pastel pink, blue, and yellow clouds in the background and the edge of the water in the foreground


May 1, 2022
Welcome to the Month of May and All the Beauty that Comes With It!

All the things that make May one of the best months of the year in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

A bright coral-colored cocktail displayed in a wine glass, garnished with a decorative orange twist, and sitting in front of a large green fern


April 28, 2022

Orange and orange and orange, oh my! This Rosetta cocktail recipe combines Vodka with all things orange in this citrus-forward tipple that’s as pretty to look at as it is tasty to drink!

A full moon shining bright in the sky, half hidden by royal blue and pastel blue clouds


April 26, 2022
In What Phase of the Moon Do You Exist?

Contraction. Expansion. Balance. How the phases of the moon offer important lessons in trusting life’s perfect timing.

Red-colored Tequila cocktail displayed in a rocks glass filled with ice, garnished with a lime twist, sitting on a round gold coaster, with a cactus-themed linen and a potted cactus decorating the scene


April 21, 2022
Blood Orange Margarita

Blood orange and Campari meet Tequila in this fresh and delicious Italian-inpsired Margarita recipe.

A grouping of red and white lilies growing on a green bush


April 18, 2022
Spring Cleaning Your Brain: Is a Seasonal Brain Cleanse Good for Your Mental Health?

Experts say a change in seasons is a good time to take stock of your mental well-being. Here's why and 5 ways to do it.

A dark brown-colored cocktail with a layer of white cream on top displayed in a small cordial glass


April 15, 2022
Rye Cappuccino

Rye Whiskey meets espresso in this delicious coffee cocktail that is sure to have you licking the glass and then asking for another!

The historical Harrington School one-room schoolhouse with green trees surrounding it and a blue sky above it


April 11, 2022
St. Simons Island's Harrington School: Then & Now

The last remaining African American school on St. Simons Island, the Harrington School remains an important symbol of community and of Gullah-Geechee heritage.

A cherry red-colored Rum cocktail displayed in a vintage coupe cocktail glass, garnished with a Bordeaux cherry on a silver cocktail pick, and resting on a white, square, agate coaster with a gold rim around its edges


April 10, 2022
The Mary Pickford

A nod to Old Hollywood and a little taste of Cuba come together in this Prohibition Era Mary Pickford Cocktail.

A coral-colored Rum cocktail displayed in a hobnob cocktail glass filled with ice, garnished with a lime wheel, and sitting on two wooden coasters stacked on top of one another


April 5, 2022
Patio Weather

Rum, ginger and mango, oh my! This sweet and spicy cocktail makes a tasty accompaniment to those lovely Springtime afternoons and evenings spent cocktailing on the patio.

Yellow and coral sunset over Sidney Lanier Bridge in St. Simons Island, Georgia


April 4, 2022
Let Us Pray for Ukraine

As the horrors continue to unfold in Ukraine, let us continue to pray for peace, for humanity, and for an end to this senseless war.

A pale yellow cocktail displayed in a vintage coupe glass, garnished with a lime wheel


March 29, 2022
Hemingway Daiquiri

A brief look at the Hemingway Daiquiri history, the story of who invented this famous classic cocktail and where, and how the Hemingway Daiquiri recipe has evolved since it was first created.

Golden hour on St. Simons Island as the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean with orange sun rays bursting out from behind a ring of clouds


March 27, 2022
Different Is Beautiful

In a world where it sometimes feels as though originality and creativity go unrewarded, hold true to your convictions and don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Two amber-colored cocktails displayed in art deco rocks glasses filled with ice, garnished with orange wheels, and sitting on a small, round, wooden tray with a metal cocktail spoon in front of it and a green plant in a gold vase behind it


March 24, 2022
What Should We Have?

A refreshing, no muss, no fuss Bourbon cocktail that’s perfect for those lazy weekend afternoons spent sipping cocktails in the sunshine!

Small, white, wooden First African Baptist church surrounded by large oak trees draped in Spanish moss with blooming pink hydrangeas in the foreground


March 22, 2022
First African Baptist Church St. Simons: One of the Island's Oldest and Most Significant Places of Worship

The First African Baptist Church is the oldest Black church on St. Simons Island and an important symbol of the island's religious history.

A golden yellow-colored Bourbon cocktail displayed in a vintage coupe glass and garnished with a fancy lemon twist, sitting on a white, square agate coaster, with a vase of yellow and white spring flowers in the background


March 20, 2022
Winter Into Spring

Say farewell to winter and hello to Spring with this Meyer Lemon Bourbon Sour recipe that’s bound to give you all the springtime feels!

A macro view of green Sugo Palm plant leaves unfurling


March 17, 2022
Why Do We Wear Green on St. Patrick's Day?

What happens if you don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day? The folklore explained!

Dark storm clouds hovering above a golden yellow and brick orange sunset over the Sidney Lanier Bridge in St. Simons Island, Georgia


March 14, 2022
War and Peace: A World in Conflict

As Russia continues its cruel, inhumane, and unjustified attack on Ukraine, how do we reconcile our personal reality with the reality of what’s happening in the world today?

Irish Coffee cocktail displayed in a clear glass coffee mug, topped with whipped cream, and sitting on a metal coaster with a stack of cocktail books in the background


March 10, 2022
Joe Sheridan’s Original Irish Coffee

Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day quite like a tasty Irish Coffee, and the story behind how the original Irish Coffee recipe came to be is one every Irish Whiskey lover should know.

A painterly, brushstroke-like, pink, orange, yellow and blue sunset over the Sidney Lanier Bridge in St. Simons Island, Georgia


March 8, 2022
Happy International Women’s Day

Celebrating the badass women both in my life and in the world who are fighting for equality and who won’t stop until there’s change.

A coral cocktail displayed in a coupe glass


March 6, 2022
Grapefruit Gimlet

What do you do when you have a bounty of ruby red grapefruits picked fresh from your very own tree? Create a Grapefruit Gimlet recipe of course!

View of the St. Simons Lighthouse from the St. Simons Island pier set against a soft, pastel pink sky


March 2, 2022
The St. Simons Island Lighthouse: A Prominent Landmark on Georgia's Coast

Torn down, rebuilt, and standing tall along the southern Georgia coastline, learn the history of the St. Simons Lighthouse and what it’s used for today.

A translucent brick orange-colored cocktail displayed in a vintage Brandy snifter, sitting on a round brass coaster and resting on top of a brown leather trunk


February 28, 2022
Waffle Iron

The nutty sweetness of Italy’s most famous hazelnut liqueur pairs beautifully with Whiskey in this Frangelico cocktail recipe.

A huge, bright golden sun rising out of the ocean amidst a fiery red and orange sky with dark clouds framing it at varying angles


February 23, 2022
Free Your Mind of Tomorrow’s Worries

Some encouraging words from Morgan Harper Nichols about the importance of living in the present moment that lies before you.

A peach-colored cocktail displayed in a Collins glass filled with ice, garnished with a grapefruit wedge and a silver metal straw, sitting in a round wooden tray with a navy blue couch and a straw lamp in the background


February 20, 2022

Homegrown grapefruits add some extra special oomph to this refreshing Paloma cocktail recipe, which is one of Mexico's most famous contributions to the cocktail world.

A huge, lifelike piece of driftwood on Driftwood Beach in Jekyll Island, Georgia that looks as though it has fingers reaching out towards the camera


February 16, 2022
Jekyll Island’s Boneyard: How Driftwood Beach Came to Be

The gnarled, sun-bleached remnants of ancient pine and oak trees on Driftwood Beach Jekyll Island are the result of Mother Nature’s handiwork.