A festive and delicious Champagne cocktail to add some sparkle to your holiday season.

Recipe & Photo by @wisecraft_mixology

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I'm always on the hunt for a tasty holiday tipple to add to my repertoire, so when my dear friend Clay (@wisecraft_mixology) created this one, I immediately sourced the ingredients so that I can mix it up myself! He knows me (and my love of bubbly!) well, and I couldn't agree more about the importance of celebrating our wins.

Clay's original post about this tipple:

There has not been a better time to celebrate a win - no matter the size - than this year. We are constantly bombarded with updates on how we are losing, and it becomes exhausting and demoralizing for all of us at some point.

Champagne is the drink of winners. My mother loves it. My dear friend, @parchedaroundtheworld, who’s my favorite travel-loving sommelier, loves to start a party with it, and so we should follow suit and cheers with the bubbly for the wins we have these days.

This one is as easy as it looks: a cranberry syrup, some Gin, and little bit of acid come together before the bubbles are splashed on top. It's perfect for the holidays since you can add as many in-season flavors as you prefer in your syrup.

May you find yourself enjoying the pleasure of celebrating the wins in your life, no matter how small or how personal. Cheers to your victory!

COCKTAIL: The Holiday Hear Hear


2 oz of Gin

1/2 oz Lime juice

1 oz Holiday Cranberry syrup (recipe below)

Champagne float


Quickly shake your ingredients together (or build in the glass) and then top with champagne. Garnish appropriately and enjoy!!


2 cups of Cranberries

1/2 cup Water

1/2 cup Sugar

1 Star Anise

5 Allspice Berries


Add to a pot, simmer until sugar melts and cranberries burst, and then let sit for 20 minutes. Strain and enjoy.

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